Doctor Anna brings you some thoughts on chemtrails, vaccines, and homeopathy.

…because tinfoil is so in right now.

Doctor Anna investigates the safety of vaccines

Why do people not worry about adverse effects of band-aids when there are people dying of allergic reactions to plasters every year, but get extremely worried about vaccines? The benefit outweighs the cost in both cases. Is it because of the involvement of a needle?

Does vitamin C really treat, or prevent the common cold?

You can read more about this topic in the article: Bullshit or truth: does vitamin C help against a cold?


Homeopathy, the crazy craze

Doctor Anna investigates if it is possible to get drunk on very dilute absinthe.


Not so intelligent design

Doctor Anna ponders the hypothetical design ideas of the cucumber…


Doctor Anna’s thoughts on the underfunded chemtrail program

“I am in awe of the hard working chemtrail pilots. Based on my calculation they are doing a completely impossible task.”


Doctor Anna overdoses on homeopathic remedies

“The sugar rush was not worth the 10 EUR”

Did you know this about the MMR vaccine?

An urban legend is next to impossible to kill. People will always say “…but what if” irrespective of the evidence they are presented with.