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Female viagra on the horizon | Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

Viagra for WOMEN on the horizon?

Viagra and other medications treating erectile dysfunction in men have been available since 1998. Where is the quick-fix pill for women who experience a lack-of-lust? Well, first and foremost, it is important to understand that Viagra does not directly make men hornier, but is a rather simple biotech fix to a hydraulic issue: getting it up. Viagra cannotĀ causeĀ an erection, it just maintains one.
Doctor Anna cat

Science jokes for intellectual badasses

Science jokes that will make you cringe and giggleWhich is your favorite?Thank you, everyone, who took part in submitting these outstanding jokes to Doctor...
Dangers of MTHFR Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

The dangers of MTHFR – could you be at risk?

The MTHFR gene is said to cause illnesses of all sorts ranging from Schizophrenia to heart disease, and even conjure vaccine injuries in infants. It apparently is involved in epigenetics and so many people carry a defect version. This obviously worried me: could I be a carrier of this defect gene? What if my spawn carries it?! Help!!!
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