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The best use of COLLOIDAL SILVER Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

The best use of COLLOIDAL SILVER- Vlog #3

The best use of COLLOIDAL SILVER

EP2: Trepanation – what’s the drill?

In today's episode, Doctor Anna and Joa wonder why people chose to drill holes in their skulls.
Doctor Anna makes homeopathic coffee - Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

Doctor Anna makes homeopathic coffee – Vlog #2

Doctor Anna ran out of coffee and tries to make some homeopathic coffee from some drops she found in the coffee pot.
How to make a superfood dinner from scraps | Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

How to make a SUPERFOOD dinner from scraps! – Vlog #1

How to cook a superfood dinner for Valentine's Day using pretty much anything.
Doctor Anna's Imaginarium podcast urine therapy

EP1: Urine therapy

Doctor Anna and Joa have been lurking around the dark corners of social media and have discovered many miracle cures. The most promising one they have found so far, is urine therapy, and particularly that version when one drinks pee through the nose. It is claimed to cure HIV, as well as ALS, and hopefully Joa's sore throat.
Scicomm how to succeed in science communication Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

Succeed in SCICOMM – avoid these mistakes

Before Facebook, I thought scicomm was about giving people facts. Facts that they would gratefully receive and that would improve their knowledge of the world. I was convinced that scicomm is easy since people are reasonable and thirsty for peer-reviewed knowledge. I was an ignorant, biased fool.
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