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antivaccine movement on social media Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

The ANTIVACCINE movement on social media

Podcast: How dangerous is the ANTIVACCINE movement on social media? In this episode of the podcast, Joa and Doctor Anna talk with Jay Summers who have been undercover in many of the antivaccine secret groups over several years.
How does homeopathy work? Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

How does homeopathy work? – Vlog#4

In this episode, Doctor Anna invesitgates the errors she made in Vlog #1 in which she made homeopathic coffee.
Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

MMS is dangerous and may HARM YOUR CHILD

MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution is another cure-all treatment that Doctor Anna and Joa discuss in their bi-weekly podcast Doctor Anna's Imaginarium. Can MMS REALLY cure cancer?
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