Green Roofs with Dr. Anna Zakrisson at Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

What good are green roofs really?

It turns out that green roofs, or vegetated roofs, are extremely useful and make our cities healthier, cleaner and better to live in. But, you can’t just slap on the same recipe on roofs everywhere as this may lead to complete roof failure with vegetation death.

Green roofs must be climate-adapted and for this, we need data.

Doctor Anna Talks green infrastructure with Oscar Warmerdam, green roof visionary and CEO of Purple-Roof and Sempergreen USA and Brad Garner, green roof expert and software developer for Green Roof Diagnostics and Purple-Roof.

Brad and Oscar are pioneering green roof research and development, building on the legacy of engineering legends such as Charlie Miller.

Benefits of green roofs

Green roofs provide many secondary benefits and can help mitigate dangerous heat island effects, reduce smog formation and absorb pollutants. Also, the increase in urban biodiversity is a value in itself.

In this podcast we also discuss how Purple-Roof has managed to provide a clear return on investment for urban green roofs. This is a game-changer for our future cities! Listen to learn more!

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