This is Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium

Presenting Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium

Doctor Anna  spent her teenage years drinking moonshine and listening to metal in the north-Swedish countryside. By the age of 17, she understood that the world had more to offer and went traveling before settling down in England where she received a BA and an MA from Cambridge University, U.K., with focus on genetics and signal-transduction.

Her interests in the biological world guided her to Germany and Max-Planck-Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne. Here, she had to come to terms with acute and chronic pain when she was diagnosed with stage III endometriosis and was involved in an almost deadly tram accident. Luckily, she has a thick skull.

Doctor Anna’s thick skull led to a Ph. D, and a guest researcher position at the Leibniz-Institute (IGB), as well as a position as a scientific collaborator at University Hospital Charité. She was VP of Content at the digital marketplace ZAGENO GmbH for two years.

Her dream and passion are scientific outreach and communication, which she is conducting over the Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium blog and social media platform. She is available for bookings.

Her partner, Joa Helgesson, is an opera singer and her muse. They have several projects together marrying the arts with the sciences; to show the wonders of these meat-bags we call our bodies; the ugliness and the beauty.

She currently resides in Berlin and is involved in the body suspension scene there. Doctor Anna loves kink and is very open about that.

Sci Hard!
Doctor Anna

How is Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium funded?

Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium was a hobby project 2015-2017. In 2018, a Patreon page was set up (Patreon – Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium) in order to expand reach and improve content quality.
As of 2018, Doctor Anna also runs a shop on the site SciHard Shop where science books and other fun stuff can be found.
Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium also uses Google Ads to display ads on the site that are not going against the scientific ethics of Doctor Anna. If you ever see any ads that you think should not be on the site, please, let Doctor Anna know immediately and the settings will be tightened even harder.

That’s it, people. Full transparency. No shilling, just one passionate scientist.


ASLO Travel Award (2015)
Sainsbury Studentship in Plant Sciences (Gatsby) – academic excellence
Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Bursary (2003) – academic excellence
Cambridge European Trust (2001) – academic excellence
Harris Science and Engineering Bursary 2001, 2002 and 2003.
George Bidder Grant 2002, 2003 – Collegiate award.
Roll Award 2003

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