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Dr. Anna Zakrisson Doctor Anna Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

Presenting Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium

Science and outreach matter a lot to me.

I strongly believe that the true empowerment of today is to promote science literacy and skeptical thinking; to make people more resistant to alternative facts and populist ideologies.

I also strongly believe that it is time for the biotech industry to become more personal and to be seen as the generator of ideas and innovation it is.

Why is it that companies selling tires, stationary, or tiling are top of people’s minds, but those producing cures for cancer, vaccines, or other life-giving medication are unknown or held in low regard?

– In the end, it’s all about branding and about science communication. 

This is why I founded Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium: to provide effective content strategies for biotech companies, universities, and other institutions.

Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium is also a dialogue with the public. Our Facebook platform has tens of thousands of followers with several auxiliary groups. It is here we meet and discuss the concerns of scientists and the common man.

I held the position VP of Content at ZAGENO GmbH and have received degrees from world-renowned institutions like the University of Cambridge and Max-Planck Institute, a Ph.D. from Stockholm University and worked as a guest researcher at Leibnitz Institute.

My unique place is between the systems; to act as a link between scientists and non-scientists; academia and business; high school dropouts and professors. We all have some valid points. Let’s sit down and talk.

About me as a person:
Someone described me as a blend between a lumberjack and Downtown Abbey with a vocabulary of “a highly educated sailor.” There may be some truth in that.

Please, contact me, if you have any questions.

With kind regards
Dr. Anna Zakrisson

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Dr. Anna Zakrisson Doctor Anna Doctor Anna's ImaginariumDr. Anna Zakrisson Doctor Anna Doctor Anna's ImaginariumDr. Anna Zakrisson Doctor Anna Doctor Anna's ImaginariumDr. Anna Zakrisson Doctor Anna Doctor Anna's ImaginariumDr. Anna Zakrisson Doctor Anna Doctor Anna's ImaginariumDr. Anna Zakrisson Doctor Anna Doctor Anna's Imaginarium


ASLO Travel Award (2015)
Sainsbury Studentship in Plant Sciences (Gatsby) – academic excellence
Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Bursary (2003) – academic excellence
Cambridge European Trust (2001) – academic excellence
Harris Science and Engineering Bursary 2001, 2002 and 2003.
George Bidder Grant 2002, 2003 – Collegiate award.
Roll Award 2003

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