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A Man Hanged – Eight Songs for a Mad King

Doctor Anna's Imaginarium: A Man Hanged
Photo: Anna Thorbjörnsson

This is a story about pain and mental health. It is also a story of Mad King George III who lost America to the Americans…

Come join us in our madness, for this pain is for real.

With world-class musicians such as opera singer Joa Helgesson & the orchestra Gageego! Shannon Taylor (dance), Santa Sangre Body Rituals (fakirs – WARNING! graphic material).

Doctor Anna's Imaginarium Joa Helgesson
Joa Helgesson & A Man Hanged featured in OPUS magazine

TESTIMONIAL: "On the Suspension Symposium in November at the Malzfabrik in Berlin I attended Doctor Anna's lecture on the Biology of Pain. I haden't seen Anna before, I just was curious about the topic.To make it short: It was an amazing lecture not only by presenting scientific facts which were new to me, but also because Anna related this specific topic 'The Biology of Pain' to her own personal history concerning pain & hook suspension.She also emphazised so passionately the beauty & wonder of the human body. This made her lecture so authentic & intense & so wonderfully impressive that I decided to contact her afterwards, to follow her science blog & her podcasts.I find her controversial & at the same time entertaining way of dealing with science very convincing & intriguing, it always gives you ideas & facts to think about. Additionally, I like that she is a lovely, witty & very polite freak & a beautiful Lady with a wonderful voice making it very easy to listen to & follow her performances".Pittygraphie, November 2017.

Pitt Prickel

Participant: Body Suspension Symposium, Nov 2017

Lecture on vaccine hesitancy
SkepKon 2018

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Perfomances, Lectures, Courses & Consulting
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