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Friday, July 10, 2020

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics for scientists

SEO basics for scientists: 0.5-1 day

Most large pages spreading misinformation and alternative facts are extremely well optimized for top visibility on Google. This means that each time a concerned individual searches for phrases like “dangers of vaccinations” or “is climate change a scam”, they are most likely exposed to misinformation.

Sometimes these search results might indicate an uncertainty within the scientific community that simply isn’t there.

One example of this is the below search results from phrase “is climate change a scam?”. The blue box shows a scientific page, but the page with the red box is a climate denier site. This gives the false impression that the information from the two sites are to be taken equally seriously, despite overwhelming evidence that climate change is very much real.

SEO for scientists | Doctor Anna's Imaginarium

SEO basics for scientists – what will I learn?

In this course, you will learn basic SEO so that you can optimize your personal science blogs, push for better optimization at your institutes, and get out there and reach the world with your research!

  • How to chose keywords and keyword phrases (using appropriate & free programs)
  • How to optimize your text and headers (keyword density, placements, text & paragraph lengths)
  • How to deal with inbound and outbound links
  • YouTube, Social Media optimization
  • Basics of Google Analytics

Let’s poke a hole in the echo chambers of denialists and doubters.
Lern how we can do just that simply by using some marketing strategies in the name of science and reason.

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