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Reasons for IMPOTENCE: How many SEXUAL myths can we bust in one show?

We didn’t count, but we got through quite a few. We talked about aphrodisiacs, incontinence, impotence, and much more!

In this episode we had an extremely interesting chat with Professor Daniel Shoskes, urologist, surgeon, and talented lute player. Daniel goes by the name “KidneyKutter” on YouTube, which is quite metal in my eyes.


Can viagra help saving endangered species?

Sexuality is tightly surrounded by a multitude of pseudoscientific beliefs, many of which are harmless, like the belief that potaoes have aphrodisiac properties. Yes, spuds used to be an aphrodisiac in the 17th century. Even onions have been believed to cure impotence simply because they looked like a scrotum. A bit of a stretch if you ask me…

Other aphrodisiac myths cause the extincion of species, such that tiger balls or rhino horns will make your member stand.

An unfortunate side effect by the growing wealth e.g. in China is that more people now have the means to purchase these magical powders which has led to many animals becoming severely threatened (FORBES 2014). The question arises if the arrival of medications that actually work, like viagra, could have a positive effect on the survival of some of these endangered species?

Also, what are the reasons for impotence?

This is one of many exciting things we discuss in the interview.

Piercings, circumcision, and Sounding

We also ask KidneyKutter what the risks and benefits are regarding circumcision. This was a very interesting question to us as the topic is charged here in Europe.

Joa wants to know more about Prince Albert piercings and the sexual practise of sounding. Find out what that is in the pod!

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