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The best use of COLLOIDAL SILVER- Vlog #3

The best use of COLLOIDAL SILVER

Should I vaccinate my child?

Should I vaccinate? As parents, we are faced with decisions that will influence our children’s lives in profound ways. This is an enormous responsibility, and it should be taken seriously. One of these decisions is whether to vaccinate your child or not.

The Science BEHIND Farts

It is normal to fart between 500-1500 ml gas in 24 h, and about 8-20 times per day. This makes about 5-350 ml per fart. I am not entirely sure that this statistics is helpful in order to determine how normal your farting is since I have yet to meet anyone who has measured the volume flatulence released per day outside a lab. Walking around with a tube up your butt just seems very unpractical.