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The ANTIVACCINE movement on social media

Podcast: How dangerous is the ANTIVACCINE movement on social media? In this episode of the podcast, Joa and Doctor Anna talk with Jay Summers who have been undercover in many of the antivaccine secret groups over several years.

EP1: Urine therapy

Doctor Anna and Joa have been lurking around the dark corners of social media and have discovered many miracle cures. The most promising one they have found so far, is urine therapy, and particularly that version when one drinks pee through the nose. It is claimed to cure HIV, as well as ALS, and hopefully Joa's sore throat.

Doctor Anna live on Radio Taboo

Coming up this Wednesday night we have Dr. Anna Zakrisson from Dr. Anna’s Imaginarium skyping all the way over from Germany! What are we talking about? The biology of all things sexual in nature. Make sure you tune in at www.ratfm.com 9pm – 11pm. If you’re a fan of hers, you don’t want to miss this.
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